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I Feel Weird Telling a Boy My Business; Even if He is My Father.

I am a young muslim girl, I saw my first period a couple of days ago. I told my mom, but I didn't want to tell my dad. I'm shy and my dad is a boy, so I don't think he should know. In my religion when a girl is on her period, she is not allowed to go to the masjid. I've heard different things as to why, some of the girls in my class say its haram to go to the masjid during this time because I'm not clean. Some say, I can go I just can't hold, recite or touch the Qur'an. Other's say; as long as I don't pray on my prayer mat, it's fine. I've heard lots of different things, and I've done some research, everything makes me feel uncomfortable about going. As my family was getting ready to go to the masjid, I told my dad I couldn't go. He began to get angry because he felt that, I didn't want to go. He felt as though, I was being disrespectful to my religion, but that's not true. He couldn't understand why I wasn't getting ready with my siblings, and I refused to tell him. It wasn't until my mother pulled him in the room privately. She told him, even though I did not want her to. When they came out of the room, my father didn't look in my eyes; he just told me to stay home and continued to get ready. It makes me feel weird to tell a boy my business, even if he is my father. I rather only share this type of information with my mother; because she's a girl just like me, and I know she can relate. Now, every time I don't go to the masjid my father will know why, and I hate that. My friends say that every father should know these things about their daughter, even if it's awkward. I just wish that my dad didn't know this about me.


-Zainab C


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