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Support a Girl with knowledge

Monthly Donation

Make a donation today and support GWK's mission to propel girls living or going to school in marginilized communities to fulfill their potential by empowering them to be confident, college-bound, career-focused Global leaders.

Sponsor A GWK Event

Goddess Day Out Event 

"GWK In the City" is an opportunity for the Girls With Knowledge to give back to the communities from which they come both locally and abroad. This can range from working in homeless shelters in Harlem to sponsoring another Goddesses education in West Africa. 


Share Your #GoddessGreatness

Mentor at a GWK Program

GWK welcomes the support of professional women to inspire teen girls within our after-school and mentoring programs. Emerging research indicated that a huge impact can be made to a girls' social and emotional learning through group mentoring. We introduce our girls to many women in various industries who reflect diverse cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds. The girls are inspired as they see their future selves reflected in all of you, not just one of you. At a very young age, we want our Goddesses to know that there is no circumstance that cannot be overcome with determination, perseverance and grit. 

Will Your

Company Match?

Donate to a GWK Program

Many companies have matching gift programs that increase the impact of their employees' charitable gifts. A dollar-for-dollar match is common, but some companies contribute two or even three dollars for each dollar an employee gives. Contact your corporate HR department to see if this is available and increase your impact!

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