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Goddess Power Panel

Monthly Event

A gathering of 30 + women in an intimate, laid back, positive atmosphere. The concept of Dinner & Dialogue embodies connecting, community and building.  Many times we find ourselves suffering in silence, needing answers to questions from the daily problems we face or as women we choose a life of #nonewfriends.  We miss out on the opportunity to have authentic conversations where we can truly learn and grow as individuals in every area of our lives. We freely dialogue on a variety of topics in a room where shame, fear, and guilt DOES NOT exist. We bring out the courage and authenticity for you to be open and free.

Dinner and Destiny

Goddess Day Out Event 

Being around a group of powerhouse women can bring out the best in you. Many times you will begin to ponder on those things you used to do and discover it’s actually a valuable treasure God placed within you to impact the world or to build and create wealth. At Dinner and Destiny we share tips on how to dig deep for your inner inheritance.

Share Your #GoddessGreatness

Mentor at a GWK Program

GWK welcomes the support of professional women to inspire teen girls within our after-school and mentoring programs. Emerging research indicated that a huge impact can be made to a girls' social and emotional learning through group mentoring. We introduce our girls to many women in various industries who reflect diverse cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds. The girls are inspired as they see their future selves reflected in all of you, not just one of you. At a very young age, we want our Goddesses to know that there is no circumstance that cannot be overcome with determination, perseverance and grit. 

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