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Here's What GWK Has to Say About Ms. Mae

"Ms. Mae means so much to me! She's a leader, constantly reminding me to act right. She helps me with problems and always seems to know what's best." - GWK Rokia Touray, 8th Grade

"She is a beautiful strong female character. Takes charge and helps when is needed. She represents strength, and is a firm role model. She gives me strength to be the young woman I am today." - GWK Madison Rodriguez, 8th Grade

"Ms. Mae means a lot to me. I feel like she helps me stay who I am. She is a beautiful woman and I've learned a lot from her already. She helps me remain a girl with knowledge" - GWK Chelsea Oppong, 8th Grade

"Ms. Mae is my heart. She like a sister to me. I can always go to her for advice." - GWK Jaynice Almonte, 7th Grade

"Ms. Mae is strong, courageous woman that I learn a lot from. She's a wonderful inspiration" - GWK Hawa Diomande, 7th Grade

"Ms. Mae is sweet, loving woman. I get so happy when I see her. She has a big impact on my life. She pushes me to do good. She tells me to go to regents all the time. She pushes me to strive for the better me." - GWK Alicia Brewer, 8th Grade

"Ms. Mae is a very hip and cool teacher. She is fun and funny. She helps us with our problems and is very generous. She is an extremely good teacher." - GWK Selma Issak, 7th Grade

"Ms. Mae is one of the most cool and approachable teacher I know. She is so understanding and warm hearted." - GWK Amina Kabia, 8th Grade

"Miss Mae is a fun teacher and funny person to be around. She help us out a lot and provides us wit a lot of direction. I learn a lot with her. She's a strong, helpful and courageous woman." - GWK Abedra Roberts, 7th Grade

"She's like a friend, much more than a teacher. She's someone I would think of as a sister, rather than someone I just know. She's a phenomenal woman, a leader, an idol. She's my role model" - GWK Danielle Johnson, 8th Grade


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